Our Company  is organized under CR No.1010429627, with Ministry of Interior – Public Security Permit No 3/2507/3 with license No. 495, to work all over the kingdom .

Our Company  is providing private security services to government organizations, companies, hotels, hospitals, factories, malls, etc that require such service As described below for some customers who have benefited from our security services, for example, not limited to. 

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Our Services

Qualification and training

Our guards are trained by qualified trainers and during the duty on the key principles of duty nbsp ... Read More

Security guard performance evaluation

Security guards are supervised by Saudi highly qualified supervisors according to the applicable standards nbsp ... Read More


Security and safety department is supervised by highly qualified elite in the field of safety and security who are responsible for management supervising and control of all required sites around the clock Supervision is carried out through three ax... Read More

Our Clients